Superior-Quality Vaping and Smoking Products

Everyone enjoys smoking in his/her special way. Some people prefer grinding and rolling cigarettes, while others enjoy the smoothness of a water pipe. There are also some people who go for vaporizers or hand pipes as their chosen delivery method.

At Purple Haze, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality supplies, no matter what you use when smoking. We are a premier smoke and vape shop in Central Florida, with locations in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach.

Throughout the years that we have been in business, we have transformed from a smoke shop to a trendy clothing store. We have also created one of the most beautiful glass galleries in the country.

Our Products

Whether you have been smoking for a long time or are exploring a newfound passion, you can rely on us for quality products that can improve your smoking experience, including tabletop vaporizers, vape pens, e-juices, and pod systems. Our team is also here to provide you with expert recommendations and friendly advice.

In addition, you can turn to us for glass smoking products, such as hand-blown pieces made by award-winning artisans. Take home a one-of-a-kind piece from our shop or browse through our large inventory to find a pipe or water pipe that is right for you.

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Visit our shop today for all your smoking supplies. We offer the best products in the area so you will surely come back to our store for more!

Elegant, unique or just simply one of a kind, if these words speak to you in any way, that is the reason why you should shop at Purple Haze.

We carry over 80+ glass artists with mind blowing artwork such as Chameleon Glass, Empire Glassworks, Gravlabs, Envy and so much more.

Too worried about glass breaking? No worries, we also carry a large variety of metal, stone, Wood and silicone pipes.

Just remember life is a competition so make sure you have the most desirable smoking product to make your friends envious.

Our selection of waterpipes is our pride and joy, one of the largest in the country with popular American companies such as; Sheldon black, Zob, Roor, Pyrology and much more.

Enjoy smoking your herb/oil by using one our beautiful scientific glass waterpipes in order to enhance an all-around experience.

Add personality to your favorite waterpipe with our large selection of ash catchers, custom diffused down stems and bowls. In addition, to all our oil fans we carry over 30+ styles of the latest quartz bangers, custom dabbers and reclaim catchers.

Dry herb vaporizers are quite simply, the next generation of smoking. Utilizing the most up-to-date technology such as induction heating. Vaporizers deliver unparalleled performance with absolutely no compromise. This IS the next level.

We offer a beautiful range of concentrate vaporizers, both portable as well as desktop, for you to enjoy.

Concentrate vaporizers are designed to vaporize concentrates such as waxes, dabs, oils, shatter, and other varieties of concentrate product.

A pod system gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the portability of a vape pen and the powerful battery of a box mod.

Pod vaping involves using a pod device that takes e-liquids that are made with salt-based nicotine. Unlike freebase nicotine, salt-based nicotine can be enjoyed in high concentrations without hurting your throat. This type of vape juice delivers a strong throat hit and a nicotine buzz that many describe as pleasurable.

With the latest trend of oil cartridges, batteries seem to be the most confusing item to purchase because not every battery is a cartridge battery.

The vape pen battery provides the correct amount of power to vaporize oil inside the cartridge. It’s important to make sure that the battery is not too powerful for your vape. This mistake could burn out the cartridge and make it unusable.

Enjoy our large selection of cartridge batteries which includes:
Buttonless (auto draw) battery.
Variable voltage pen battery.
Discrete & concealable battery.

Bring back the old traditional way of smoking all your favorite flavored tobacco with our large selection of hookahs.

We carry nothing but the best when it comes to hookahs. hand made and crafted by some of the most popular brands in the middle east such as Khalil Mamoon, Sahara Smoke, Mya Saray and Pharaoh, expect the ultimate cloud.

For occasional smokers, cigar aficionados and everyone in between. Purple Haze is the perfect place for picking up all your premium cigar needs. from brands such as Romeo y JulietaMontecristoArturo FuenteAcidRocky PatelPunchLa Gloria CubanaEl Rey del Mundo, Cohiba, Partagas,  and Swisher Sweets.

The largest collection of rolling papers, wraps, cones and tips anywhere local. We work directly with all the top brands such as RAW, Zig Zag, Juicy Jay, OCB, ROOR, Elements, Grabba Leaf, as well as many others. Everything from 1 1/4 papers to massive 1 Ft Long Pre-Rolled Cones. Everything from rice papers to hemp papers.

10th, 100th or 1000th of a gram, we have it all. Enjoy our superior collection of scales which includes pocket size, tabletop and concealable.

We perform a calibration test before selling any digital scale and provide free batteries with every purchase.

Our selection of grinders is ideal for grinding your favorite herbs or smoking blends, which then creates a great consistency for vaporizers or pipes. All metal components, attention to detail and years of experience give them an edge that no one else has. Give yourself one of the best grinders on the planet and enjoy the difference.

Our collection includes: Kannastor, Santa Cruz, Aerospace and Raw.

Choose your occasion, Choose your lighter.

Cigar lighters, outdoor wind torches or customized gift lighters, at Purple Haze

we carry a large variety of lighters, from small pocket size to large countertop torches.

Enjoy some of your favorite brands under one roof such as Zippo, Vector, Clipper, Blazer and the list goes on.

Complete your gift box with some of these cool accessories:

Rolling trays, storage solutions, ashtrays, incense holders, stickers and magnets, tapestries, protective cases, pipe cleaner and so much more.

This is the main reason why we are not just another smoke shop.

Trendy, stylish and refreshing collections that add a touch of personality to every person with hippy and vintage mindset.

How cool would it be if we told you our clothing collection had stash pockets hidden within the fabric?

Enjoy the hottest streetwear trend or, just take it back old school with our custom tie dye shirts.

We have a piece of clothing for just about everyone.

From fashion jewelry to body piercing jewelry we have it all.